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Masonry Portfolio

A First Rate Denver Masonry Contractor That Stands Behind It's Work  

If you need a dependable masonry contractor, Scenic Landscapes has been building beautiful, lasting masonry work of all kinds for over 9 years.  

Masonry Portfolio

This portfolio showcases some of our work and many of the key skills necessary to create exceptional stone and masonry work.

Retaining Walls

From falling down to neatly new, retaining walls come in many shapes and sizes. What ever your choice of materials we have all kinds of experience building all kinds of walls.

Before and after retaining wall example

This mountain home, had a wall that had pretty much turned into a scree field. We were able to save much of the lower dry stacked walls, and then re-engineer the hillside to build a solution that will withstand the test of time.

engineered retaining wall systems

We have lots of experience with the great, new, engineered wall systems. We continually amaze our clients with the beautiful results we get. This serpentine, double wall, backyard showcases an incredible transformation.


If you are like many homeowners these days when you look out your back window you see a tiny slab of concrete barely big enough to hold your barbecue. Unfortunately you've got a contractor's poor excuse for a patio. We can fix that!

flagstone patio

We often pour additional concrete slab to expand an existing patio and then finish it with flagstone.

expanded flagstone patio


Sitting on your patio, enjoying the cool, Colorado summer evenings is one of the best parts of living here. We turn tiny slabs in to great living spaces.

stone styles

Our flagstone masonry is second to none. We can achieve any kind of look you are going for. From completely organic, where we fit together the stones based on their natural shape. To shaping the stones to create much more rounded and smooth joints. To cutting the stones like tile and fitting them together with tight, straight joints.

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Walkways and Stairs

Red Flagstone Walk This walkway, included stairs and a raised stone wall edge. The stone walls also served to create planter beds along the path.


Buff Flagstone walkwayThis buff flagstone walk was laid over existing concrete. We then added a raised, rough timber, cedar edge to create elevated planter beds on either side of the walk.


AZ Buff Flagstone walkwayIs your front walk crumbling? This is a common problem in older homes. A new concrete and stone front walkway really changes the whole atmosphere as you walk up to a house. It adds a certain sense of character that wasn't there before. Clients tell us that it makes a place feel much more like home.

Planting Beds

Stone and rock wall planting beds are always in high demand. We strive to build planters that fit in to their surroundings and become a natural extension of the environment.

tight fit flagstone

This is a style that has become very popular. It is a tight fit, dry stack. This is where we use stones with the same thickness so that the horizontal lines are very consistent. Then, if we have to, we cut off the ends of the stones so that when we stack them next to each other they fit very tight. It actually looks a lot like how flagstone naturally forms when you see it in a quarry.

Custom flagstone planters

This is more of a traditional dry stack flagstone planter. There is variation in the thickness of the flagstone and there are more natural gaps that give it a bit more texture.

Moss rock planting bed

Here we have built a moss rock planting bed. Its texture is even rougher than the flagstone. All of these examples are done in what appears to be the dry stack style. This is where no mortar is used and the stones are simply stacked. It is a very natural looking technique and is the way walls have been built for thousands of years. Depending on your application we will often need to reinforce walls with concrete and other stabilizing materials. While we try to build things that look as natural as possible. We also must ensure they last for years and years.

Bricks and Pavers

Bricks and cobblestones have made a big comeback. They're affordable, versatile and easy to install, and they beat the heck out of plain old concrete slab.

paver walk and patio

Pavers are great for tight spaces where it's hard to pour concrete. We were able to create an inviting, low-maintenance walkway and patio for a fraction of the time and effort it would have taken to do concrete.


Tumbled Brick patioThis tumbled brick patio was laid over an existing concrete slab that was starting to show its age. In about a day and a half this space was completely revitalized.

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